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H Osteria number 1000 at Fidenza Parma.. H Osteria Number 1000 Fidenza Parma

The H Osteria Number 1000 is located next to the marvellous Duomo of Fidenza in the land of Parma. Exactly where the Via Francigena begins.

In summer you can eat outdoors in a charming and relaxing setting. And the menu always includes dishes of the parmigiana gastronomic tradition. And they are strictly homemade dishes, with a touch of modernity.

On this site you can find the classic menu but we also find the seasonal dishes and the special dishes of the house, which vary continuously.

The term Osteria recalls the great value of hospitality and is what we live through our cuisine at H Osteria Number 1000. Hospitality that is enriched with tasty conviviality during our events, made with periodicity and creativity.

The inns arose in ancient times as refreshment points in places of passage and intense traffic and also became places of meeting and gathering.

H Osteria Number 1000, just at the beginning of one of the most beautiful stages of the Via Francigena, has become in time just that: the thrill of enjoying tasting good food.

H Osteria Number 1000 Fidenza Parma