MENU and flavours of the HOSTERIA Number 1000, from the typical dishes of the good parmigiana cuisine to the dishes of the house

To start..


Mixed salami and parmesan cheese with oil and fried cake €10.00

Mixed salami with culatello and grana cheese with olive oil and fried cake €13.00

Fried Polenta and Gorgonzola €6.00

Baked shoulder with fried cake €7.50

Culatello Zibello D.O.P. With curls of butter €13.00

Pumpkin flan with gorgonzola fondue €8.00

Tortino di porcini mushrooms with fondue of parmesan €8.50

Mixed cheeses with sauces €7.50

Eggplant Parmigiana €8.50

MENU and flavours of the HOSTERIA number 1000

To follow..

The first courses

Tortelli with lemon and ginger with butter and parmesan cheese €8.50

Tortelli D’erbetta with sage, butter and parmesan cheese €8.50

Pumpkin and sausage tortelli with butter and parmesan cheese €8.50

Potato Tortelli and porcini mushrooms €9.00

Anolini alla parmigiana €9.00

Tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms €9.00

Pappardelle with wild boar sauce €9.00

Risotto alla Giuseppe Verdi (asparagus, culatello, porcini mushrooms, tomato) €9.50

Pibe and Beans €9.00

MENU and flavours of the HOSTERIA number 1000

Still to follow..

The second courses

Beef cut on a bed of radicchio and grana cheese with baked potatoes €15.00

Rose of Parma with baked potato €14.50

Stewed cheeks with polenta €12.00

Stewed wild boar with polenta €13.50

Hosteria Costalunga (approx. 1kg) with baked potato €19.00

Roast pork with porcini mushrooms €12.50


Baked potato with rosemary fragrance €4.00

Grilled Vegetables €4.00

Broccoli Sauteed Garlic €4.00

Mixed salad (green, radicchio, tomato, carrots) €4.50

Insalatona (mixed salad, tuna, maize and mozzarella) €6.00

Buttered spinach with Parmesan cheese €4.00

To follow, of course, the desserts..

Sweets of the House €4.50

Sweets Mix of the house €6.50

MENU and flavours of the HOSTERIA Number 1000