Near the Duomo of Fidenza and Via Francigena, Number 1000 as history and multitude.

History because the Hosteria is next to the beautiful Romanesque Duomo of Fidenza, whose construction began about 1000 years ago and more precisely in 1117.

Multitude because the Hosteria is at the very beginning of one of the most fascinating and suggestive routes of the Via Francigena.

A bundle of roads that formerly led to the main Christian religious destinations and traveled by thousands and thousands of pilgrims since the time of the Sigeric Archbishop of Canterbury.

Near Duomo di Fidenza and Via Francigena

Hosteria Number 1000 begins right at Fidenza, next to the Hosteria number 1000, a splendid route of the Via Francigena.

The one that leads to Fornovo and Pontremoli.

A journey through the beautiful hills of CISA, with breathtaking views and points of interest to the landscape.

Here we recall the River Park of Taro and the park Boschi di Carrega, the Natural reserve of Mount Prinzera, the rocky cliffs of the devil’s jumps, the park of Ridge Alta Val Parma and Cedra.

How not to remain ecstatic in front of the Pieve di Cabriolo and the Pieve di Bardone, the Castle of Costamezzana, the Church of Siccomonte and that of San Biagio in Talignano.

And how not to fall in love with torrents and streams such as, for example, the torrent Rovacchia and the river Recchio or the Rio della Corona.

Woods of beech and meadows, waters, natural sinuosity and colours and scents, as in every dish of the Hosteria number 1000.

Near Duomo di Fidenza and Via Francigena | Hosteria Number 1000